Alabama Football: Debits and credits for the Crimson Tide

Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr/The Tuscaloosa News via USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr/The Tuscaloosa News via USA TODAY Sports /

Alabama football’s assets have increased this season.

Alabama football has passed its toughest test of the college football season, and we now know a lot more about this team. The Crimson Tide are the clear frontrunners in the SEC, but they look drastically different when you compare them to last year’s team. This can be expected when you are trying to replace so many starters.

With these changes, Alabama’s strengths and weaknesses are different. Since football is essentially a business, let’s use the language of business to explain these changes.

In the world of accounting, debits increase assets. Credits increase liabilities. This isn’t AC 210 at UA, but let’s take that barebones understanding and see how it applies to Alabama football.

Debit: The RB room

In business, assets usually depreciate. However, Najee has gotten better as a senior. He continues to gain positive yards on almost every play, and he’s consistently great between the tackles. He has improved as a pass-catching back, and he is a beast in the red zone.

The development of Brian Robinson as a second back has been vital for this running game. He can change the pace and give Najee Harris breaks when necessary.

Trey Sanders is back healthy, so he might be able to contribute once he gets more reps. We’ll have to wait and see.

Debit: Christian Barmore

The development of Christian Barmore has been crucial for this Alabama defensive line. With a young secondary, Alabama needs to get interior pressure to disrupt opposing quarterbacks. They have failed to do so in their first few games, but it has gotten better as Christian Barmore has progressed. An early injury impeded his progress, but he can now be the player that we all expect him to be.

Debit: Will Reichard

It cannot be overstated that Alabama finally has a kicker. Will Reichard missed most of last year due to an injury, but he is finally an asset for Alabama football. He will get better as he gets more in-game reps, but he is already a great player.

Credit: Safeties

The secondary as a whole was solid last year. They had plenty of senior leaders that made the defense better. In 2020, most of those players are gone. The safeties have become a liability, and it will likely hurt Alabama down the road.

Jordan Battle is a solid safety, and his impact in the Georgia game was palpable in the second half. Outside of him, Alabama has too many question marks. If someone steps up alongside Battle, this defense will be significantly better.

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There are other debits and credits to this Alabama football team, but these jump off of the Crimson Tide balance sheet.