Alabama Football: SEC Football Week 8 Power Rankings

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Alabama football
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Alabama football continues as the class of the SEC. Check out how the other 13 teams rank after week eight of CFB.

Halfway through the SEC regular season and Alabama football is the undisputed leader in the conference. The Crimson Tide as No. 1 should surprise no one. The biggest surprises so far in SEC football have been the performances of LSU and Auburn. Both teams moved up in the Bama Hammer Power Rankings this week, but LSU and Auburn were not much above the league’s four-lowest ranked teams.

Even though there were only four SEC games in week eight, there was quite a bit of movement in our rankings. The biggest gainers are Missouri and LSU. The largest drops are South Carolina and Ole Miss.

The maximum points in this week’s rankings are 70.

SEC Power Rankings Week Eight

No. 1 – Alabama Football; 70 points – previous ranking, No. 1

For the Alabama football program, the loss of Jaylen Waddle to injury is staggering. Alabama football fans are saddened by Jaylen’s misfortune and the awareness he will likely never play for the Crimson Tide again.

Without Waddle, the Alabama football offense kept producing in Knoxville. The Alabama football defense also had its best performance of the season in the 48-17 win.

No. 2 – Georgia Bulldogs; 65 points – previous ranking No. 2

The Dawgs did not play in week eight. There is no debate Kirby Smart has the second-best team in the conference. The Bulldogs travel to Lexington in week nine.