Alabama Football: Halloween costume ideas for Tide fans


Alabama football fans should wear these costumes for Halloween.

For the first time in a while, Alabama football will be playing on Halloween. The Crimson Tide usually get a bye week, but the new schedule has them playing against Mississippi State on Saturday. That means that some Halloween parties will serve as watch parties for Tide fans.

That gives fans a unique opportunity to wear Alabama-themed Halloween costumes. There are the typical costumes that work at every party, but you can also get vague and creative. It might take some explaining, but some of these costume ideas are worth the laugh.

Your favorite Alabama football player

This one is obvious. Simply wear the jersey of your favorite Alabama player and say you’re supposed to be them for Halloween. Add some eyeblack or sleeves if it helps get the point across. However, we can do better than that.

Nick Saban at his birthday party

Halloween is a special day for Nick Saban. It is also his birthday. You can make a quality costume and pretend to be Nick Saban, but you could go the extra mile and say you are Saban at his birthday party. Wear an Alabama polo and some khakis. Add a birthday party hat and a sash that says “Birthday Boy.” These two small additions will take your costume to the next level.

Yourself the last time Tennessee beat Alabama

This joke gets funnier by the year. Most current college students were children when Tennessee last beat Alabama football. Because of this, you can dress as a kid and say that you’re going as yourself when Tennessee last beat Alabama. If you were an adult when Alabama last lost to the Vols, you just have to dress like you would in 2006. Go to a thrift store and find clothes that were popular during this time. As long as it gets the point across that you’re dressing up as you from the past, you succeeded.

Nick Saban in quarantine

This can be a harmless jab at Nick Saban’s COVID diagnosis. Since it turned out to be a false positive, you should not feel bad as going as a quarantined Nick Saban. If you can find your hands on some sore of HAZMAT costume, wear it and carry some Oatmeal Creme Pies. You won’t be able to find a legitimate HAZMAT suit, but you might be somewhat safer at a socially distanced Halloween party in this costume.

The Georgia Bulldogs

You can go to a Halloween party as the entire Georgia football team if you’d like. Simply show up, have a great time and leave halfway through the party. The only bad thing about this is that you might have to wear a Georgia shirt.

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Have some fun this Halloween with these ideas. However, make sure you stay safe on Saban’s birthday.