Alabama Football: A real list of CFB Playoff Contenders

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Alabama Football: Move beyond hype into reality with this short list of CFB Playoff Contenders.

Tracking potential CFB Playoff participants is an every season thing for Alabama football fans. The 2020 season is somewhat different with the Selection Committee rankings pushed back to late November.

The Committee will issue five rankings this season, beginning on Tuesday, Nov. 24, followed by every Tuesday through Dec. 15. The final Playoff selections will be announced on Sunday, Dec. 20. Alabama football fans have good reason to expect an early Christmas present from the Committee.

Earlier in the season, we did two deep dives into contenders, pretenders and other teams. The season has reached a point where all that merits attention is the contenders. We can revel in an expanding list of pretenders with LSU topping the list, followed by almost the entire Big 12, but that is just for fun.

More seriously, what matters now are the ‘Contenders.’ At 6-0, Alabama football is one and arguably is the top one. The list of other realistic top contenders is short. Only six teams are included in our Contender list. In addition, there are four maybes who might play their way into contention. Once the Pac 12 begins play, the maybe list will be updated with one or more Pac teams.

Realistic Contenders for CFB Playoff

Some national, college football pundits are ready to declare Ohio State the 2020 National Champion. The Buckeyes are good, but at only 2-0, making them a prohibitive favorite is nonsense.

Ohio State is included in this list of contenders, while no other Big Ten team gets the same nod. Other B1G teams are included in the maybe list.

  • Alabama Crimson Tide, 6-0 and the class of the SEC. Next up LSU on Nov. 14.
  • Clemson Tigers, 7-0. Next up at Notre Dame on Nov. 7.
  • Ohio State Buckeyes, 2-0. Next up Rutgers on Nov. 7.
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 6-0. Hosting Clemson on Nov. 7.
  • Cincinnati Bearcats, 5-0. The Bearcats have Houston on Nov. 7 and must go undefeated to have a small shot at the Playoff field.
  • BYU, 7-0. The Cougars can’t be ignored and like Cincy must go undefeated. Next up is Boise State on Nov. 6.

Maybe Future Playoff Contenders

  • Oklahoma State Cowboys, 4-1. If the Big 12 gets a slot, it will have to be OSU.
  • Three, one-loss SEC teams are maybes; Georgia (4-1), Florida (3-1) and Texas A&M (4-1). One of the first two will be eliminated on Nov. 7 in their annual rivalry game.

Undefeated Teams Ignored for Now

Most of these teams have not played enough games to be considered.

  • Any Pac 12 team
  • Other undefeated Big Ten teams, Indiana, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Purdue
  • Boise State, 2-0. The Broncos might deserve a move up to the ‘maybe’ list with a win on Nov. 6 over BYU.

Undefeated Does Not Matter

These three teams can run their paltry tables and still have zero chance for a Playoff slot.

  • Coastal Carolina 6-0
  • Liberty 6-0
  • Marshall 5-0

According to ESPN, the teams below have the best chances to make the CFB Playoff.

Bold Predictions for the rest of the season. dark. Next

Teams were not ranked in the Bama Hammer lists. Adding an early guess about the final Playoff field would have Alabama football first, followed by Ohio State, Clemson and another SEC team.