Alabama Football: Grading the SEC football head coaches

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Alabama Football
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Alabama Football: Grades of SEC head coaches uncharacteristically show more weaknesses than strengths.

For Alabama football, it is LSU week and in a normal season, the game would have our full attention. The game is important, as Nick Saban says because it is the next game and the Crimson Tide needs to continue winning. But with the betting line edging above three touchdowns and a field goal, LSU is not the toughest remaining regular-season opponent.

With some breathing room for Alabama football fans, attention can be broader than LSU. A midseason review of SEC head football coaches can be made seven weeks into the SEC season. Too many key contests remained to do a review after SEC week five or even six. Now that Dan Mullen gained the upper hand over Kirby Smart, we can review the SEC’s coaches.

Using a format of academic grades, this review should be a strong indicator of how each coach will grade at the end of the 2020 season.

Alabama Football Head Coach: Nick Saban; A+

Nick Saban is so obviously the leader, he could be handing out the grades to the rest of the SEC. In addition to his GOAT records, Saban has redesigned his Alabama football team. Over the past several seasons, Nick Saban has worked to change the Crimson Tide offense. Knowing college football has changed so much that defense is not enough to win championships, he sought an explosive offense. The Alabama Crimson Tide now has the most explosive offense among the top Power Five teams.

Arkansas Head Coach: Sam Pittman; A

The quick turnaround in Fayetteville could and probably should win Pittman, SEC Coach of the Year. The Razorbacks may well be the strongest opponent, the Crimson Tide has on its remaining regular-season schedule. Major credit for the Razorback’s improvement should also go to Barry Odom.