Alabama Football: Jerry Jeudy gets revenge on Clemson DB

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Alabama football got to see Jeudy get revenge on Sunday.

Jerry Jeudy was one of the best receivers in Alabama football history, and he is making waves in the NFL for the Denver Broncos. He scored a touchdown in their latest game, but Jeudy had a personal vendetta on the play.

Jeudy was lined up against A.J. Terrell, a rookie cornerback and former star for the Clemson Tigers. Alabama football fans will remember him as the guy who intercepted Tua’s pass and returned it for a touchdown in the National Championship. That intercepted pass was intended for Jeudy, but he got beat on the play. This Sunday, Jeudy got his revenge.

Jeudy ran a simple hitch route for the catch, and he used his agility to get into the end zone. On the route, Terrell stood no chance. He also failed to tackle Jeudy in the open field. Jeudy scored the second touchdown of his young NFL career. He finished the day with seven catches for over 100 yards and one score.

The beauty behind Jeudy’s score is magnificent. You can’t see it in the video, but he actually signals for the deep ball before he cuts back. This makes Terrell sprint for the end zone. Once his back is to Jeudy, all he has to do is run his route and make the easy catch.

While Jeudy got the best of Terrell on this play, the Denver Broncos still failed to win. The Falcons emerged victorious behind a balanced offensive attack. In games like this, the rookie can take a moral victory.

With these teams being in separate conferences, they will rarely face off on the field. However, Jerry Jeudy won the first round against these two future stars. Alabama football fans will hope that he wins many more.

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Jeudy still has a lot of room to grow as a receiver. At the very least, this play shows how much he has grown since his sophomore season in college.