Alabama Football: A Playoff bubble will happen one way or another

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Alabama Football: Discussion of a possible Playoff ‘bubble’ riles fans, while the Selection Committee denies considering the option.

In a second slow week for Alabama football, there is extra time for fans to debate – almost everything. The hottest debate item the last couple of days is the possibility of using a ‘Bubble’ for the eventual, four CFB Playoff teams.

Dennis Dodd and Dan Wolken broached the subject with sensible reviews of why a ‘Bubble’ might be best. Dodd and Wolken are not high on ‘most liked’ lists defined by some Alabama football fans. As a result, a quick and loud chorus of what a ‘terrible idea’ reverberated across message boards and social media.

Not considering the idea is foolish for a couple of reasons. One is there will be a ‘Bubble’, though it may actually be ‘Bubbles.’ Alabama football and every other Playoff participant will ‘bubble up’ beginning a couple of weeks prior to a semi-final. EVERY precaution must be taken to ensure star players are available for the big games. Either a Tuscaloosa bubble or one elsewhere will be necessary.

The other main reason is the Selection Committee will do everything possible to ensure there will be a 2020 National Champion. That includes having a legitimate Champion not tainted by unequal virus circumstances.

The only debate will become ‘how’ rather than ‘why.’ Current detractors claim, unlike professional athletes, a college-student athlete cannot be cocooned inside a bubble. Of course, they can, as long as it is willingly. Very few players will be unwilling to follow bubble rules with a lifelong dream game at risk.

There will be financial considerations. Using a central bubble location would mean a couple of bowl locations might be left out. A lengthy bubble would be expensive, but any team involved would gladly ante up for the extra cost.

All of which leads to the question of why the Committee insists it is not considering the option. Monday, Bill Hancock said,

"There hasn’t been any discussion of a single-site bubble."

Perhaps Hancock meant there have been no full committee discussions. It is difficult to believe not a single individual involved with the Playoff has been developing contingency plans. Gaming out all the options must surely be part of the Committee’s task.

One argument to counter the ever-shortening regular season is expanding the Playoff field to eight teams. While worth considering, it is hard to see how a season, losing games at the end of the regular season, needs more potential schedule obstacles in a post-season.

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Though grumbling now, Alabama football fans will be happy with whatever form the Playoff takes. As long as the Alabama Crimson Tide is in the field.