What Tua Tagovailoa did with his NFL contract money


Tua Tagovailoa did something rare with his NFL contract money.

Making it to the NFL usually means a pretty hefty payday. When you are drafted in the first round as a franchise quarterback, that is practically a guarantee. Tua Tagovailoa experienced this firsthand, and he had some decisions to make. Tagovailoa’s NFL contract is worth $30.2 million with over a $19 million signing bonus.

A lot of a rookie’s money comes as soon as he signs his first contract, so Tua Tagovailoa experienced a major influx of cash this year. What did he do with his instant fortune?

Tagovailoa detailed his financial decisions in an interview with GQ Sports. One thing he said that was unique was his decision to not use the money from his NFL contract. Tua explained that all of his NFL contract money is being set aside, meaning that he will live off of his endorsement money.

Financially speaking, this is a great decision. Tua Tagovailoa will hopefully have a long and prosperous NFL career, but you never know when that well will run dry. Every NFL player is one hit away from never playing the game again, so they should make smart decisions with how they save. Too many professional athletes go bankrupt shortly after their playing days are over, and no one wants to see that happen to Tagovailoa.

Thankfully, Tua is making more than enough off of endorsements to live luxuriously while still saving his NFL contract money. He is an Adidas athlete, and he has a few other key endorsements. If Tua ever wants more cash to spend, he could easily pick up a myriad of endorsements in the offseason.

So, how did Tua spend his marketing money? As many saw, he bought his mother an Escalade. That was expensive as far as gifts go, but it was only a minuscule fraction of his budget. He also bought himself two cars. In true Tua fashion, he also bought his father a Rolex.

Tua’s biggest investment was obviously his mansion. In the interview, he explained that he wanted to have enough space to work out and practice without having to leave. This will certainly help him in the long run.

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All in all, Tua is mostly making sound investments and financial decisions. He can afford to make some lavish choices without ever risking a financial struggle in the latter half of his life. Tua already has enough money for both him and his family to live comfortably off of for the rest of their lives, and that number will only grow as he continues to thrive with the Miami Dolphins. It is great to see an Alabama football star continue to make great decisions after leaving the program.