Alabama Football: Best-case scenario for lackluster week of games

Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr/The Tuscaloosa News via USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr/The Tuscaloosa News via USA TODAY Sports /

Things can end up going Alabama football’s way on Saturday.

We have been spoiled with some great weeks of college football this season, but this Saturday will not live up to its predecessors. Alabama football’s game is postponed, Auburn isn’t playing and Clemson is in a bye week. Other games are either postponed or canceled across the country, and we will likely have a lackluster day.

However, Alabama could still have things go their way. While only a few games will have an impact on the College Football Playoff, there are a few things to watch this weekend. This is the best-case scenario for the Crimson Tide.

Boston College upsets Notre Dame

As of right now, the ACC has two teams in CFP contention. There is a great chance that both teams will make it to the College Football Playoff by the end of the year, but a loss by Notre Dame in the regular season would change that. Notre Dame’s schedule is pretty easy for the rest of the season, but Boston College has what it takes to pull off the upset. That would simply put the winner of the ACC Championship as the sole team in the College Football Playoff from the ACC.

Florida loses to Arkansas

Arkansas has been good this year, but there is little to no chance that they will beat Florida. If they did pull off the upset, Alabama football would likely make it to the CFP despite the outcome of the SEC Championship.

The Pac-12 looks like a dumpster fire

The Pac-12 might be able to get a team into the postseason, but a poor performance this week would hurt their odds. The best-case scenario is for Oregon to lose, but that is unlikely. An overall bad outing from the conference as a whole makes it harder for an undefeated team to make it to the CFP, giving the Crimson Tide a larger margin for error.

Either Indiana or Wisconsin loses

It is greedy to hope that both teams have devastating losses. The worst-case scenario for Alabama football is for the Big Ten to have two undefeated teams in their championship game. A loss by either Indiana or Wisconsin would cut down the likelihood of this happening.

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While all of this happening would be great, it is more likely that none of this happens. Alabama football fans should be happy if at least two of these outcomes happen on Saturday.