Alabama Football: This is not the end of postponed games

Mandatory Credit: Kent Gidley via USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kent Gidley via USA TODAY Sports /

Alabama football and other teams should get used to postponed games.

After a bye week, Alabama football will have to wait longer to play football. Due to a COVID-19 outbreak, LSU was forced to postpone their upcoming game against the Crimson Tide. While this is the first postponement for Alabama, it might not be the last. While some believe that LSU should be forced to forfeit this game, there are bigger concerns on the horizon.

Over half of the SEC’s games have been postponed this week due to COVID-19, which leaves Florida as the only ranked SEC team playing. Some games are being postponed because of one team, but others have outbreaks on both sides.

This isn’t just an SEC football issue. Multiple games across the country have been either postponed or canceled. Ohio State is not playing against Maryland, and Arizona State is unable to play California. Even with each conference having its own set of standards and protocols, games are being deemed unsafe to play across the board.

With this happening, there is something that needs to be made clear for Alabama football fans. This is not the end. This is the beginning. A common misconception about all things in 2020 is that things will not get worse. COVID-19 cases grow exponentially, and there is no reason to believe that this is any different.

Cases are rising around the country, and they are rising around college football. It is not as simple as writing off the increase in cancelations to an increase in games. The Pac-12 and Big Ten are finally playing football, but they are not the only conferences with COVID-19 problems. The SEC alone has more postponed games this week than the rest of the season combined. They are now on the brink of canceling games due to the issue of scheduling.

All college football fans want this season to be as normal as possible. However, it is important that everyone realizes that things might get worse as the season progresses. There is still hope for the season to continue as normal as possible, but that definition keeps shifting. Many teams that cannot play this week will not be ready next week, so Alabama football and other fan bases need to brace for what is on the horizon.

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Right now, all we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In all likelihood, the truth will fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.