2020 NBA Draft: 3 possible scenarios for Kira Lewis

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What if Kira Lewis falls out of the 2020 NBA Draft lottery?

Kira Lewis could easily slide out of the top 14 picks. This would hurt his status and paycheck, but it would make it more likely for him to land in a good situation. I don’t see him falling out of the first round, so Kira Lewis could easily be drafted by a potential NBA Playoff team. These teams will likely target him if he falls.

The Orlando Magic drafting Kira Lewis makes too much sense. They are right around his projected range, and they need a point guard for the future. This might be the perfect balance between a successful program and a chance to start as a rookie. However, there are better teams that might draft Kira Lewis.

The Miami Heat would be a dream fit for all parties involved. The Heat are coming off of an Eastern Conference title, and they will likely want to move on from Goran Dragic in the next few years. As he ages, he is simply not worth the money. This would give Kira Lewis a mentor for a while before eventually being the starting point guard on a great team. He would also play well alongside the shooters in Miami.

The Philadelphia 76ers would be intriguing as well. They have Ben Simmons, but their new general manager loves to space the floor with fast shooters. It is a situation that is at least worth monitoring.

I doubt that Kira Lewis lasts this long, but the Los Angeles Lakers should at least consider trading up for Lewis if he slides. They desperately need a point guard for the future, and Lewis would be a great option. However, the price might be too high for a team looking to win now.

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These ten teams are the most likely to draft Kira Lewis in the 2020 NBA Draft. Alabama basketball fans will have to wait to see which team is lucky enough to snag the steal of 2020.