Alabama Crimson Tide: Iron Bowl spread not biggest story of the week

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(Photo by Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images) /

Alabama Crimson Tide: a three-plus touchdown spread in the Iron Bowl is not the biggest story of the week. Look to the ‘Plains’ for something more.

Per the Action Network, the Alabama Crimson Tide is a three-plus touchdown favorite over the Auburn Tigers. According to Tide 100.9, it is the largest spread for the game since 2012. That season Alabama football was favored by 34 points and won 49-0.

Sprinting well past the point spread should happen again this Saturday. The Auburn Tigers are an average football team. At times, they can play a bit above average, almost to a level of good. The Alabama Crimson Tide are not just a very good team. The Crimson Tide has an offense so great it could be claimed to be the Tide’s best. It surely was before Jaylen Waddle went down. Thanks to Steve Sarkisian, it’s not far below that now.

According to ESPN stats, Auburn has a respectable defense, but it is No. 9 in the SEC against the run. The Alabama Crimson Tide is going to run all over the Tigers. Unless Auburn sells out to stop the run, leaving it weak against the Tide’s passing attack. Either way, the Crimson Tide will score a bunch of points while Auburn scores a lot less.

But that’s not the biggest Auburn story of the week. That story is the Tigers trying to run and hide from the NCAA. In a feeble attempt to reduce further, assured pain, the Tigers have gone ‘No-Mas’ on the 2020-21 postseason. Check out our report from Sunday.

As much as we like to discuss these details, Pat Forde laid it out so well, we defer. Check out his quotes.

"Bruce Pearl Not Outsmarting Anyone With Self-Imposed Postseason BanAuburn stands out as the most craven of schools.Its motto might as well be Lie and Deny.the Tigers are in deep trouble. Nobody self-imposes a postseason ban unless they know they’re on the hook for major violations.Auburn hired a guy with an NCAA rap sheet coming off a three-year show-cause penalty for violations at Tennessee. Great coach, much baggage. If you ask for trouble by bringing trouble to town, don’t expect the NCAA to take a sympathetic view."

Forde suggests what Auburn is likely facing is a multi-season, post-season ban, severe scholarship restrictions and more. Auburn knew Pearl had gotten into trouble at Wisconsin-Milwaukee and at Tennessee. While in Knoxville, he asked a recruit’s father and his assistant coaches to lie to the NCAA. The evidence was everywhere anyone looked. Auburn closed its eyes and hired Pearl. Auburn’s future will require nose-holding to block the ongoing Pearl stench.

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It is going to get much worse for Auburn before it gets better. That is the biggest story of this week.