Alabama Football: Don’t worry about Tua’s benching


Alabama football fans shouldn’t worry about Tua being benched.

Alabama football fans finally get to watch a former quarterback shine in the NFL as Tua Tagovailoa plays for the Miami Dolphins. He waited for a few games before being named as the starter, but he shined when given the opportunity. He started his NFL career with no interceptions and three straight wins.

However, Tagovailoa struggled in Miami’s latest game against the Denver Broncos. The offense struggled to move down the field, and Tua was sacked multiple times. He was inevitably benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick in his first-ever loss as an NFL starter.

This was easily Tua’s worst game so far, and that is why he was sent to the sideline. With the Miami Dolphins still in the hunt for the NFL Playoffs, they must make decisions that will lead to wins this season. However, they also want to build around Tua for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, should Alabama football fans be worried about Tua being benched permanently?

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a great quarterback, and he might be able to lead the Dolphins to the NFL Playoffs. However, Tua should remain the starter for the rest of the season.

This is because of many things. For starters, the Miami Dolphins chose Tua to be the franchise quarterback. They knew that he would take his lumps in his first year. That doesn’t mean that they should instantly give up. They still want Tua Tagovailoa to be the quarterback of the future. If they want that, then they need to keep him as the quarterback of the present.

Miami also has easier defenses on the schedule. It makes sense to struggle against the stout Denver defense. They had a great game plan, but not every NFL defense will be able to replicate it.

Tua made plenty of mistakes against the Broncos. However, he didn’t do anything that he can’t fix over time. Most of his errors came with holding onto the football for too long. That can be coached out of him, and his talents will stand out against other defenses.

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Tua had a better offensive line with Alabama football than he currently does. After being sacked half a dozen times, the Dolphins wanted to just put in the veteran to avoid adding injury to insult. Tua is still Miami’s franchise quarterback, and fans should still be excited.