Alabama Football: 3 keys to win the Iron Bowl vs. Auburn

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What will it take for Alabama football to win the Iron Bowl?

Alabama football fans have been waiting for revenge against the Auburn Tigers for a whole year. They are finally on the precipice of winning their first Iron Bowl since Tua was a sophomore Heisman candidate. However, that is far from a guarantee.

Crazy things happen in the Iron Bowl. Alabama football fans are used to hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. From free timeouts to unprecedented comebacks to the kick-6, the Crimson Tide have seen it all. No matter how much better one team is in this rivalry, anything can happen. Alabama fans should not wake up on Saturday expecting an easy blowout.

With that in mind, these are the keys to an Alabama victory against the Auburn Tigers in this year’s Iron Bowl.

3. Alabama needs to stop Seth Williams

Auburn has a few weapons on offense, but Seth Williams is has game-breaking talent. He uses his strength and aggression to beat smaller defenders, and this gives Bo Nix a bigger target to throw to. Bo Nix will make mistakes, but Williams will make him look better.

Nix likes to extend plays by scrambling. When plays break down, Williams becomes more dangerous. Nix can simply aim for Seth Williams and hope for the best. Because of this, Alabama has to do whatever it takes to keep him covered. Patrick Surtain or Josh Jobe will be covering him,  but I would love to see some help from the safeties as well. It is hard to stop someone as aggressive as Seth Williams, but it must be done.