Alabama Football: What Tide fans should be thankful for this season

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Alabama football fans have a lot to be thankful for this season.

With Thanksgiving here, it is the time to talk about what you have to be thankful for this year. In 2020, that list might look a bit different than it typically would. However, Alabama football fans still have plenty to be thankful for this college football season.

Here is a brief, incomplete list of things to keep in mind as a Crimson Tide fan on Thanksgiving.

Alabama football has the best team in the country

The initial College Football Playoff rankings were released on Tuesday, and they added to the growing consensus that Alabama has the best team in college football. The Tide completely control their own destiny as the season draws to a close. After a couple of losses last season, it is good for the Crimson Tide to be back on top.

Alabama has multiple Heisman contenders

This is crazy to imagine, but the Crimson Tide might end 2020 with multiple Heisman Trophy finalists. Mac Jones is a frontrunner, and Najee Harris has done more than enough to deserve recognition. Jaylen Waddle was in contention before his injury, and DeVonta Smith is smashing Alabama football records. Despite losing Tua Tagovailoa and two first-round receivers, Alabama still has one of its best offenses ever.

The Tide actually get to play football

The 2020 college football season was far from a guarantee. Games are still being canceled each week. This has been tough for fans across the country. However, Alabama is playing football almost every Saturday. Fans should be thankful for that alone. During trying times, fans get a weekly distraction as they watch their beloved team dominate on the football field for a few hours.

We are living in the best college football era ever

Alabama has done things that no other team has achieved before. Nick Saban is easily one of the two greatest head coaches of all time, and he might be the best. Alabama is consistently competing for titles, and they have won a lot over the past decade. The Nick Saban era will be over one day, and the Crimson Tide will regress back to the mean. While we are living through history in the making, it is worth keeping in mind that what is happening is unprecedented. No one has succeeded as much as Nick Saban with Alabama before. Fans have grown accustomed to domination, and other teams are just happy to win a few games.

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There are plenty of other things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but this is a short list to keep in mind while eating turkey.