Alabama Football: 5 bold predictions for Tide in the Iron Bowl

[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Iron Bowl Alabama Vs Auburn
[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Iron Bowl Alabama Vs Auburn /
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Bold predictions for Alabama football in the Iron Bowl

2. Bo Nix will throw two interceptions

Alabama’s defense has been surprisingly good at forcing turnovers this year. One of the best defensive backs so far has been Malachi Moore. He has two interceptions and has been great at flipping the field for Alabama football.

Bo Nix has five interceptions this year, but he will need to be more aggressive against the Crimson Tide. With those risks comes the potential for turnovers. Alabama will try to keep him uncomfortable. If they can do so, they will force him to throw some prayers to Seth Williams and other receivers.

If Nix turns the ball over multiple times, Alabama should win easily. Auburn needs everything to go their way to beat the Crimson Tide. Any setback could keep them from keeping this close, which would be great for the home team.

Auburn will try to use Bo Nix’s legs to stretch the Alabama defense. However, this team will be prepped and ready. They had to play against him last year, and the coaches know what adjustments to make so that Nix has a bad game. When Auburn puts this game in Bo Nix’s hands, Alabama will do whatever it takes to force him to turn it over.

Alabama football wants to turn Bo Nix into Bo picks on Saturday. It won’t be easy, but it will be a key for their success against the Tigers. Can they pull it off? We will find out when the Iron Bowl is played in Tuscaloosa.