Alabama Football: Ranking potential CFP opponents for Crimson Tide

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Ranking Alabama football’s potential CFP opponents

5. BYU Cougars

BYU is one of the worst-ranked teams on this list. However, they are still a bad matchup for Alabama football. This matchup essentially comes down to one player. Zach Wilson has carried the BYU Cougars, and there are plenty of reasons to think that he could do so against anyone. He is a legitimate Heisman contender, and his style of play is wild. No matter how much Alabama improves this year, Wilson could cook the Tide secondary.

Alabama’s offense should be able to outperform BYU, but that is far from a guarantee. It would be a shocking upset, but BYU is a severely underrated team. They probably will miss the College Football Playoff, and that will be just fine for Tide fans.

4. Oregon Ducks

We really don’t know what to expect from Oregon this season. With the Pac-12 missing so much time due to COVID-19, it is unlikely that we will see any team from this conference in the CFP. However, Oregon is still undefeated, so they have at least an outside shot.

The Ducks have a solid running game and great players on defense, but we need to see them play more before we can adequately compare them to other teams on this list. They have been successful without Justin Herbert. We’ll see if that remains the case as the season continues.