Alabama Football: Best and worst coaching records against Auburn

[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Iron Bowl 2018
[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Iron Bowl 2018 /

Alabama Football: The best and worst Crimson Tide, head coach records against the Auburn Tigers.

Ask Alabama football fans which Crimson Tide coaches have the worst records against the Auburn Tigers and the top three will be easily remembered. Ask a similar question about the best Crimson Tide head coaches’ records against the Tigers and one name will be a surprise.

With a couple of exceptions explained below, the success or failure of Alabama football, head coaches can be primarily defined by their records against the Auburn Tigers. Other big games and rivalries matter, but season after season, the game that matters most is the Iron Bowl – before, and after, the game was assigned the name.

There are several reasons why the Iron Bowl means so much to each school. In-state, 365 days-to- forever, bragging rights is a powerful reason. Prestige in attracting recruits is another. Another reason is the ability to make a statement with a win; a sign one of the programs has dominance over the other.

When the series began, during football infancy in the South, Auburn was the dominant team for more than a decade. The two teams played nine times between 1893 and 1904. Auburn won seven times. The Crimson Tide climbed to competitiveness with two wins and a tie in 1905-1907. Passions became so intense, on and off the field, crowd safety became a concern.

By the time the two programs severed their relationship in 1908, animosity between players and fans was intense. Forty-one seasons went by before the games were renewed. The interval explains why two of the Crimson Tide’s most famous coaches, Wallace Wade and Frank Thomas, are not included in the coaching records that follow.

The worst Alabama Football Head Coach records against Auburn

  • Mike Shula: 0-4; 2003, Auburn 28 – Alabama 23; 2004, Auburn 21 – Alabama 13; 2005, Auburn 28 – Alabama 18; 2006, Auburn 22 – Alabama 15
  • Jennings ‘Ears’ Whitworth: 0-3; 1955, Auburn 26 – Alabama 0; 1956, Auburn 34 – Alabama 7; 1957, Auburn 40 – Alabama 0
  • Bill Curry: 0-3; 1987, Auburn 10 – Alabama 0; 1988, Auburn 15 – Alabama 10; 1989, Auburn 30 – Alabama 20

The best Alabama Football Head Coach records against Auburn

Given the long tenures of the ‘best’ coaches, only their overall record and winning percentage against Auburn is listed. The surprise referenced above is one of the No. 2 coaches on the list.

  • Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant: 19-6, 76 percent
  • (Tie) Red Drew: 5-2, 71.4 percent and Gene Stallings 5-2, 71.4 percent
  • Nick Saban: 8-5, 61.5 percent

Does Saban go to 9-5 (64.3 percent) after Alabama football wins the 85th Iron Bowl? Technically, the winning game coach would be Steve Sarkisian. Statisticians and sports historians will have to decide which coach (or both) will be credited with the win.

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