Alabama Football: LSU has nowhere to run or hide

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LSU wants no part of the Alabama football team, but it has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

When the sun sets on the next Baton Rouge Saturday, LSU does not want to see the Alabama football team. The Death Valley stadium announcer will still proclaim “Ladies and gentlemen, the sun has found its home in the western sky, it is now Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.”

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team will be glad to be there. The LSU Golden Girls will likely feel the same, while delivering another, always sensational performance The Bengal Tigers coaching staff and many players will not share such enthusiasm.

LSU will not be on an ‘answers’ mission in the days leading up to the game. The amount of questions eclipses the number of possible answers. How can any team do as Dakota Cox, opined a couple of weeks ago, go from the White House to the outhouse? LSU faithful are too disgusted to consider answers..

LSU, Head Coach, Ed Orgeron must find some answers. As was evident from the loss to the Aggies, Coach O is taking what we charitably call a simplistic approach.

"I think we need to call better plays. I think we need to have a better plan."

Three men are responsible for having a better plan and calling better plays. They are Ed Orgeron, Steve Ensminger and Bo Pelini. LSU players deserve better and many of them know it, as is evident by opt-out exits. Star wide receiver, Terrance Marshall is the latest to move on. LSU does not have another wideout of his caliber. Marshall led the Bengal Tigers in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns.

Except for LSU kicker, Cade York, Marshall was the only Bengal Tiger to score more than 18 points this season. The next three behind Marshall and York; Davis-Prince, Gilbert and Emery Jr. have scored a total of 42 points. Marshall scored 60.

The pair of freshmen quarterbacks, T.J. Finley and Max Johnson will have to depend on Arik Gilbert and a yet to be determined, new ‘go-to’ receiver. Based on Twitter responses, few LSU fans find fault with Marshall leaving. Check out one disgruntled LSU fan who reached out to Coach O.

LSU used to claim Tiger Stadium, aka Death Valley is where opponents’ dreams die. Color those dying dreams purple and gold.

It is hard to imagine the LSU coaching staff wanted to reschedule the Crimson Tide. The football program may need the financial, mini-boost of a Baton Rouge game, but nothing else is to be gained. Orgeron has no way to run from the game, short of COVID issues. He is not the type of person to run and hide anyway, but he may wish he had, before Saturday night in Baton Rouge turns into a bleak Sunday morning.

If Gus wants to hang on, he should take some advice. dark. Next

The biggest suspense Saturday night will be if Alabama football can cover the 25-point spread. Auburn has opened as a slight favoriye over the Aggies, who were unimpressive against LSU.