Alabama Football: Dylan Moses gets one final crack at LSU

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Alabama football’s Dylan Moses gets to play against LSU one last time.

When Alabama football got their 2020 schedule, they circled their game against the LSU Tigers. After losing to LSU last season, it became clear that the Crimson Tide were looking for revenge. Alabama is heading to the second stop on their 2020 revenge tour. However, this game means just a little bit more to Dylan Moses.

Moses was a star out of high school. As a young player, many considered him to be a lock to play for LSU. They offered him a scholarship in the eighth grade, and he even committed to the Tigers early in the process. As a player from Baton Rouge, it made sense that he would play for the LSU Tigers.

However, Alabama football managed to flip his commitment. He inevitably signed to play college football in Tuscaloosa, and the rest is history.

LSU fans consider Moses to be a traitor, and every game he plays furthers their frustration. He could have been a crucial piece of last year’s title team, but he has instead made a name for himself with the Tide. Every accolade rubs into the burn left by Moses when he decided to play for Alabama.

That makes this rivalry special to Moses. He strives to play well in every game, but he wants to play his absolute best against the LSU Tigers. This is his second chance to play in Baton Rouge, and he will try to improve upon his six tackles from two years ago.

It doesn’t help that Moses was unavailable to play last season. With an injury, Moses had to sit and watch while his defense was torn to shreds by Joe Burrow. That left a bad taste in his mouth, and he will try to rectify things this Saturday.

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Moses still has eligibility after this year, but this is almost certainly his final season with Alabama football. This will be his last chance to play in his hometown, and he will be looking to make a statement. He has struggled this season, but he has gotten better each and every week. We’ll see how he plays, but expect greatness from Dylan Moses this Saturday.