Alabama Football: Coach O wrote checks. It’s time to cash them

Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports /

Alabama football is ready to cash the checks that Ed Orgeron wrote.

Last season, everything went right for Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers. They caught lightning in a bottle with experienced players, brilliant coaching and a Heisman quarterback. That helped them come to Tuscaloosa and beat Alabama football.

In that win, Orgeron and the LSU team had a lot to say about the state of this rivalry. LSU players talked to recruits in the stands. The team carried Joe Burrow on their shoulders after the win. Orgeron screamed expletives towards Alabama in the locker room, and he even had them meet at the middle of the field.

Orgeron said many things about how LSU was going to beat Alabama in recruiting and coaching as they shifted the power of the SEC West. He even said, “this is our house from now on.” Needless to say, his mouth was writing checks that he was expected to cash in 2020.

While it was certainly fun to say those things at the time, the LSU Tigers have fallen back down to reality. In fact, they have regressed below the mean and are one of the worst teams in the SEC. LSU went from the White House in 2019 to the doghouse in 2020. They will be tasked with stopping a Heisman contender, the best receiver in college football and the country’s leader in rushing touchdowns.

Alabama football has been hearing about for over a year. They now have a chance to step up and shine once again and start a new winning streak against LSU. This is the end of the Alabama football revenge tour, and its final stop is in Baton Rouge.

It will be interesting to see if the Tigers can remain competitive in this game. After all, they were supposed to take over this series for years to come. They are now expected to lose by nearly 30 points the year after winning the title.

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You can’t blame the players for having a lot to say when they beat Alabama. After all, they are only there for a few years. However, Orgeron wants his tenure to be much longer than a typical college athlete. To do so, he is going to have to finally cash the checks that he wrote in 2019. Will he be able to do so? We’ll see on Saturday.