Alabama Football: Lessons from the Crimson Tide beatdown of LSU

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The Alabama football whipping of LSU could not have surprised anyone. Still, there were lessons learned.

Alabama football set a record Saturday night, scoring its most points ever in Tiger Stadium. The previous record was 47 points, set in 1922. Devonta Smith continued to re-write Crimson Tide receiving records, becoming the first Alabama football player to have 200-plus, receiving yards, four times in a career.

The records are nice for players and fans. They are, of course, secondary to winning a Championship. Much was made about the Crimson Tide playing for revenge in the game. That was a factor, driven by Coach O and his foolish arrogance.

The Crimson Tide had more on its mind than a payback. Though the game was less competitive than a typical Crimson Tide scrimmage, it was another building block, back to the Playoffs.

Was the Crimson Tide intent on impressing the Selection Committee? Whether that was or was not the plan, the Committee should be impressed. Choosing to throttle its offense at under 600 yards, the Tide finished with 650 yards. It could have easily been 700 yards, even 750 or higher. Bryce Young came in for Mac Jones after one play in the fourth quarter. The freshman got some needed experience against a frustrated LSU defense.

Speaking of the LSU defense, nothing new was learned by anyone having paid attention to Bo Pelini’s defense. As we predicted months ago, Orgeron made a big mistake hiring a retread like Bo Pelini. After the game, many LSU fans were demanding Peilni be fired. That too is not new, but the calls accelerated after Steve Sarkisian carved Bo’s defense apart.

The newest lesson for LSU fans is the rapidly growing awareness, firing Pelini would not be enough. They are seeing Ed Orgeron for what he is – a great recruiter, but mediocre head coach. After the game, Coach O said, after the season, “everything will be looked at.” The question for LSU is, does the program have the courage to also look at Orgeron and put him on a one-season, short leash.

Like Gus Malzahn at Auburn, Alabama football fans do not want Coach O fired. ‘Coached for life’ at their respective schools would please Crimson Tide fans.

Nick Saban gave a lesson or two in Baton Rouge. He said before the game.

As reported by Ross Dellenger, Saban said after the game.

"A lot of emotion on both sides. We don’t like for our guys to talk to the other players and get involved in stuff like that. That way we can win with class. That’s something we want to do."

Nick message was not new. He told his players the same in preparation for the game. He has been giving his players the same message for years. But especially with young guys, it deserves a reminder. Championship programs do not remain Championship programs without emotional self-control.

Saturday night, Ed Orgeron and LSU were given a strong message about over-reacting emotionally. It is hard to believe they learned their lesson.

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The Crimson Tide now moves on to a game that makes no sense. Playing on Dec. 12 puts both Alabama Football and the Florida Gators at unnecessary risk.