Alabama Football: 3 reasons the Eagles should start Jalen Hurts

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3 reasons why Alabama football’s Jalen Hurts should start

3. Hurts can scramble to extend plays

Philadelphia has plenty of issues right now. Their offensive line has been decimated with injuries. Their running game has struggled. They are getting little help from the defense, and their receivers keep dropping passes. However, the offensive line is the one issue that hurts the quarterback the most. It’s one thing when a receiver drops a quality pass. When the offensive line can’t block, quarterbacks are more likely to make bad throws and turn the ball over. Wentz has no trust in his offensive line, and that has impacted this offense.

This is where Jalen Hurts comes in. His best trait is his ability to run. Philadelphia can scheme more running plays with Hurts, but he can also extend plays with his legs. They can scheme plays where he rolls out of the pocket and throws the ball on the run.

Hurts isn’t an elite scrambler, but he is athletic enough to negate the offensive line. This is a lot to ask for your rookie quarterback to do, but the bar is also very low. As long as he can give himself another second, he can make the right play.

This also impacts how defenses plan to stop the Eagles. It is harder to blitz when Hurts is under center. If you have a spy on the field, watch out for Hurts to take advantage with his arm.