Alabama Football: 3 reasons the Eagles should start Jalen Hurts

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3 reasons why Alabama football’s Jalen Hurts should start

2. Carson Wentz isn’t the answer

This feels like a cop-out, but the fact remains. If you are failing to get the job done in the NFL, you can’t expect to keep your job. Wentz is hurting the Philadelphia Eagles, so you have to look at other options. Philly’s best quarterback available just might be Jalen Hurts.

I realize how much Philadelphia wants Carson Wentz to work. They traded draft picks to take him. He was close to winning an MVP earlier in his career. The Eagles are also spending a lot of money to have him in Philly. You don’t want to pay that much for someone to be your backup quarterback. That being said, they also invested a draft pick in Jalen Hurts. If Hurts turns out to be better, the Eagles will save plenty of money in the long run.

Once the Eagles finally decide that Carson Wentz is not the quarterback of the future, they need to find his replacement. Is Jalen Hurts the long-term answer? We don’t know yet. However, that just further proves that he needs to play. If Wentz isn’t the guy, the Eagles need to find out if the guy is on this roster. If not, then they need to pivot this offseason.

Philly has a lot of room to improve, but they won’t be a Super Bowl contender until they fix their problem at quarterback. That alone is reason enough why Hurts should get a shot. After all, he did great things for Alabama football.