Alabama Football: 3 reasons the Eagles should start Jalen Hurts

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3 reasons why Alabama football’s Jalen Hurts should start

1. Wins should not matter in Philadelphia

A few weeks ago, there was a genuine explanation for staying with Carson Wentz. Since the NFC East was so bad, the Eagles somehow still had a chance to make the NFL Playoffs. In fact, they were first in the division. Because of that, they did not want to risk going for the younger guy and losing that spot at the top of the division. However, they lost it with Wentz.

At this point, the Eagles should not worry about what their record is. They need to be building for the future. Hurts might help their chances of winning games, but that should be an afterthought.

Even if the Eagles made the NFL Playoffs, they would almost certainly lose their first game. Losing the division would give the Eagles a better draft pick, and they could use that pick to bolster this offensive line.

It is always gutsy to turn to the rookie quarterback. Once you bench Carson Wentz, there is likely no turning back. However, some stress can be lifted when teams are building for the future. That needs to be the game plan for the Eagles. If they forget about their record, they can simply start Jalen Hurts and see what he has.

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Alabama football fans are certainly rooting for Jalen Hurts as he continues his NFL career. They’ll have to wait and see if he gets his first career start this week.