Alabama Football: LSU does not know when to shut up


In case you missed it, LSU alum T-Bob Hebert had a lot to say about Alabama football after LSU’s loss last weekend.

Alabama football fans, just sit back relax and enjoy this one. It is going to be a fun ride today.

"LSU is Greece, sometimes it’s beauty, art, and passion, at other times it’s economic collapse & rioting in the streets. But there is a dynamism there that appeals to our most basic human desires. Bama is the emotionless void, there is no happiness, there is only the expectation."

Yes, that is a real quote from a real person. After Alabama football embarrassed the LSU Tigers on their own field 55-17 last Saturday, former LSU Offensive Lineman T-Bob Hebert had some choice words about the Alabama football program.

In addition to the above quote, Hebert compares Alabama football to Siberia and the USSR. Here is a tweet from Hebert with the full rant if you want a good laugh.

Hebert was an outstanding O-lineman for the Tigers through the 2011 season. I’m sure part of this hate for Alabama stems from his final game in a Tigers’ uniform. The 2012 National Title Game where his team couldn’t cross midfield, much less put points on the board against one of the best Crimson Tide defenses of all time.

I know that has to sting, but these are the ramblings of jealousy. LSU has tried to emulate what Alabama created since Saban stepped foot in Tuscaloosa. They recruit the same players and change their style of play in sync with Alabama.

When the Crimson Tide started under Saban they employed a power running game, control the clock, stifling defense style of play. LSU quickly recruited players of the same style to try and match the success of Alabama football. Players like Leonard Fournette, Zach Mettenberger, Jamal Adams, and Tre’Davious White were all recruited to emulate the Alabama style of play.

When Alabama football suddenly switched it up with Lane Kiffin, LSU wanted to play a pro-style, pass first, high-scoring offense. When Les Miles showed he wasn’t capable of leading that style of team he was fired and replaced with somebody else. Somebody who at least wouldn’t say no to the Athletic Department, Boosters, and fan demands.

They started recruiting the pro-style type offensive guys like Edwards-Helaire and Burrow. Which, give credit where it is due, won them a championship. Then they collapsed like the Colossus of Rhodes. While Alabama, much like the Greeks after the Battle of Thermopylae during the Second Persian Invasion, rose back to prominence after a small defeat (see what I did there).

Two times before this season I predicted that LSU would fall A LOT farther than most people expected.

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Even though I had them at 8-4 (before Covid shortened the season), I was still giving them TOO MUCH credit.

All of this is to say, Hebert and the LSU fanbase have that “Little Brother Syndrome” that used to only affect the other Tigers. This is simply lashing out after one successful season led to a return to their rightful place in the SEC.

Multiple former Alabama football players have come forth to defend their Alma Mater, but my favorite so far has been former Tide wideout Mac Hereford who made this video in response to Hebert.

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I have respect for anybody that takes the field as a college football player. Especially one as successful as Hebert. I’ll end with this, I think David Wasson from Saturday Down South said it best after the Alabama beatdown in Baton Rouge.

"Good teams talk but get beaten down by great teams when they talk too much."

Well said Mr. Wasson. Well said.