Arkansas almost injures Alabama football’s DeVonta Smith on dirty play

Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports /

Alabama football’s DeVonta Smith nearly got hurt on a dirty play

When you are facing the best team in college football, you have to do whatever it takes to get an advantage. That being said, an Arkansas player took it too far against Alabama football on Saturday.

On a punt return, Devonta Smith got wrapped up on a tackle. In the pile, Nathan Bax grabbed Smitty’s leg and rolled. While the play was clearly over, Bax still alligator rolled.

This is obviously a pointless and dangerous play. When players are tackled, they are vulnerable. Taking a leg and bending it awkwardly could severely injure a player and impact the rest of his career.

Smith could have torn ligaments or even dislocated his knee on the tackle. Thankfully, he managed to avoid a major injury from this play. However, this is not about the result. It was about the intent. Smith was clearly on the ground. The play was over. With that being the case, Bax still tried to hurt Alabama football’s greatest player.

The Crimson Tide have already seen a star receiver go down on special teams. Jaylen Waddle went down with an ankle injury on a kick return against Tennesse. Special teams plays are dangerous enough. When you add dirty plays to the mix, it is even worse.

DeVonta Smith had already scored a touchdown on a punt return. Arkansas had no way to stop the Alabama offense, and this was mostly because they were so worried about stopping Smitty. While Smith only had a few catches, the offense still thrived.

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Even though Nathan Bax was not flagged for the play, there is no place for these types of actions. While there will likely be no repercussions, Alabama football fans will remember this. This is not a situation with no harm and no foul. Bax deserves to be reprimanded for this.