Alabama Football: 3 keys for Jalen Hurts to succeed in starting debut

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Keys for Alabama football’s Jalen Hurts to succeed vs. Saints

1. Jalen’s risky plays need to pay off

The Eagles might be the worst team in the NFC, but they are still trying to win every game. They aren’t looking to play respectably. It’s all or nothing against the Saints.

Because of that, they won’t try to keep a conservative gameplan for 60 minutes. If the Eagles are down, they will turn to Jalen Hurts to score. He can’t dink and dunk his way down the field, so he will have to take a few shots.

This was one aspect of Hurts’ game that improved since leaving Alabama football. While he was at Oklahoma, he became a better passer down the field. However, secondaries in the Big 12 are nothing compared to what the Saints bring. They will be looking to pick him off on every deep shot.

If Hurts can push the field with his arm, it will make it easier to run. This is the one true key where we will grade his performance. if he can complete these passes, he will definitely hold onto the starting job in Philly.

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Alabama football fans will be glued to their screens as Jalen Hurts makes his NFL starting debut. While it will be hard to beat the Saints, he will be judged separately from the rest of the team. As long as the offense looks better this week than it has all season, Hurts will have done his job.