Alabama Football: Comparing Mac Jones to Kyle Trask ahead of SECCG


How does Alabama football’s quarterback compare to Kyle Trask.

In a recent interview, Florida’s head coach disrespected Alabama football’s starting quarterback. While calling him a game manager, he added that he is also similar to his won quarterback. Is that comparison justified? Let’s take a look at each quarterback and see.

Both Mac Jones and Kyle Trask are winners, and they have been catalysts for powerful offenses. There is a reason that each distinguished quarterback is a Heisman contender. That being said, their seasons have not been as comparable as one would think.

Let’s start with giving Kyle Trask some credit. His statistics are staggering, and he beats Mac Jones in many categories. He has more passing yards and touchdowns than Jones despite playing in the same number of games. That is completely true, and Trask deserves praise for his ability to score.

However, their situations are completely different. Trask has needed to score all of those touchdowns because of Florida’s lack of a running game. When Alabama football reaches the red zone, they could use Mac Jones. Instead, they give the ball to their reliable running back and score. At the end of the day, a touchdown is a touchdown. You can’t blame Mac Jones for having a great running back on his team.

Trask is also more of a mobile threat. While Mac Jones has excellent pocket awareness, he mostly stays somewhere in the pocket. He can scramble, but he is not a weapon like Kyle Trask.

Let us now see where Jones thrives. His accuracy cannot be understated. Even with Trask targeting the mismatch Kyle Pitts, he is less accurate than Mac Jones. Jones has also overcome losing a first-round receiver. We saw what happened to Kyle Trask without Kyle Pitts against LSU.

While all of this is important, there is one stat that supersedes the rest of the data. Wins aren’t a quarterback stat, but they are the most important piece of the puzzle. At the end of the day, you do everything so that your team can win. Florida has two losses, and Alabama football is undefeated. While you can pick and choose stats all day to support one quarterback over the other, wins are all that matters.

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These quarterbacks are similar, and both are stellar. That being said, Mac Jones is superior, and he will prove that in the SEC Championship.