Alabama Football: Should Gus Malzahn become a Saban intern?

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Alabama football has plenty of interns. Should Gus Malzahn be next?

We have covered the Nick Saban rehabilitation internship program (or the Nick Saban RIP) extensively. However, the most famous candidate might be on his way to Tuscaloosa. The Gus Bus finally ran out of gas. Should Alabama football bring on Malzahn as an intern?

After being fired from his role as Auburn’s head coach, Malzahn is searching for a job for the first time in almost a decade. Thankfully, his massive buyout takes money out of the equation. He simply has to choose the best job available for him.

While Malzahn inevitably failed with Auburn, he has the talent to coach in the Power 5. The only question is whether or not he will receive a strong offer this cycle. If not, he will either have to settle for a weak coaching job or a coordinator role.

While there are plenty of jobs that will give Malzahn power and responsibility, I would argue that the best place to learn would be in Tuscaloosa. Nick Saban has a strong history of taking coaches under his wing on their way to other jobs. Butch Jones is the most recent example, but even Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian would fall under that umbrella. Sarkisian went from an offensive analyst position to the offensive coordinator with the Atlanta Falcons. After coming back to coach for Alabama football, he is one of the hottest names in the coaching market.

Obviously, there are two sides to this story. Malzahn has been the only coach who has consistently beaten Saban over the past decade. Why would Saban want to help him? The answer is simple. Whenever Alabama football brings on a new intern, they do so with the hope to gain something. Saban would certainly gain a lot from having Malzahn on his staff.

For starters, Malzahn would help Saban learn how to improve. He knows what it takes to beat the Crimson Tide, and Saban could use that information to become stronger. He is also great with players. While Alabama doesn’t necessarily need help in that department, it would be a nice bonus.

Saban also needs to prepare for the inevitable departure of Sarkisian. Some day, he will receive a head coaching offer he can’t refuse. If that day ever comes, Malzahn would objectively be a great candidate for the offensive coordinator position. His problem was never developing an offensive scheme.

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Will this happen? I doubt it. However, it makes sense for both sides. Malzahn could develop as a coach under the greatest mind in college football history while he waits for the perfect job, and Alabama football could learn how to better prepare for their biggest rival.