Alabama Football: 5 takeaways from the SEC Championship

Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports /
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What did Alabama football learn from the SEC Championship?

We are coming off of an elite regular season for Alabama football, but there is plenty more to play for. The Crimson Tide are looking for a ring, and that means that they need to keep winning. Their postseason started with the SEC Championship, and they took care of business against the Florida Gators.

Florida’s offense has been potent all season, but Alabama managed to slow them down just enough. Their offense fired on all cylinders, and they appear to be the best group of players that Saban has ever seen.

While we already know plenty about this team, we learned a lot from the SEC Championship. Here are the Tide’s top takeaways from beating the Gators.

5. Steve Sarkisian is worth every penny

While we learned plenty about Steve Sarkisian throughout the regular season, this game further proves his value. Alabama recruits the best talent, and they develop NFL players on offense. While Sarkisian is a part of all of these things, his value comes with calling plays. He always knows how to attack a defense, and he always has the perfect play. From using Najee in the passing game to drawing up the perfect route for Smitty, he can give the football to his best players.

The creativity in the play-calling really makes a difference. One call that jumps off of the page was on fourth down. He sent Miller Forristall in motion before putting him under center. He took the sneak and got the first down, and Alabama scored shortly after.

Sarkisian will inevitably be a head coach somewhere else. Until he finds the perfect job, Alabama football should just send him a blank check.