Alabama Football: No drama and an easy semi-final next for the Tide

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(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /

Alabama Football: The Alabama Crimson Tide had a relaxing Sunday while the Playoff matchups were announced. It will have a relaxing semi-final as well.

No disrespect is intended to anyone, but this year’s No. 4 team was never going to be a challenge Alabama Football. Texas A&M and Oklahoma would not have been and certainly not Cincinnati. Maybe, the Ohio State Buckeyes would have been a stiffer challenge. It is hard to know, given the schedule the Buckeyes played.

As all Alabama football fans know, this year’s No. 4 is Notre Dame. And as nearly Alabama football fan also knows, the Fighting Irish will be no match for the Crimson Tide. Perhaps the game will not the same one-sided repeat as was the 2012 National Championship game. There is so much national media love for the Irish very year, the Crimson Tide might slide down from being an early double-digit favorite.

The Alabama Crimson Tide will have three major challenges against Notre Dame. One will be not taking the Irish so lightly, it plays down to the level of the opponent. A second will be replacing Landon Dickerson at center. A third, and the most dangerous obstacle between the Crimson Tide and a National Championship game, would be another serious injury against Notre Dame.

The Crimson Tide might beat the Irish if Mac Jones, DeVonta Smith or Najee Harris were to be injured in the semi-final game. No Alabama football fan wants to find out, because the trio is essential to winning a National Championship.

The Crimson Tide will not smell any West Coast roses this season. The semi-final previously assigned to the Rose Bowl has been moved to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. The Tide and the Irish draw a mid-afternoon kickoff.

Irate fans of the Aggies, the Sooners and the Bearcats have legitimate complaints about the Irish making the field. To those fanbases, neither the Irish nor the Buckeyes measure up. In fairness to the Selection Committee, it’s primary job is to select the four best teams. An argument can be made that based on ‘eye-tests’ the Irish and the Buckeyes qualify.

A little acknowledged circumstance this year is there are only two elite teams. A BCS format pairing Clemson and the Crimson Tide would have given the nation the deserving National Champion.

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One actually trivial piece of College Football Playoff history will be mentioned often over the next three weeks. The Alabama Crimson Tide has never won a National Championship in the seasons it has been the No. 1 seed.