Alabama Football: Tide’s report card in SEC Championship Game

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Alabama football’s report card in SEC Championship

Quarterbacks: A

Mac Jones did everything right. He did more than just manage the offense. He worked through progressions and found his best players. While Florida tried to keep up, Jones was simply too much for the defense to handle.

Jones utilized the running backs and tight ends more than normal. While Smitty set records for receptions, Jones still managed to distribute the football to all of his weapons. He took risks when necessary, and most of them paid off. His accuracy was on display, and he did more than what was needed of him.

The only reason that I didn’t give Mac an A+ was because of his struggles in the pocket. He held onto the football for too long, and he took multiple sacks because of it.

Punter: A

Charlie Scott only had two punts in the SEC Championship. The first was a touchback, but the second was probably the best punt of his college football career. It was in the final minute. He essentially needed to avoid a major return, and field position didn’t matter as much. He punted the football deep and near the sideline. He gave the football plenty of hangtime, and the coverage unit stopped Toney in his tracks.

Kicker: A

Will Reichard remains perfect on the year. He didn’t have any difficult kicks, but he did everything that he needed to. There’s not too much to say about the man that hasn’t been said.

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Alabama football had a few issues defensively, but they had a solid game overall. If they can fix their flaws, they will stroll through the College Football Playoff.