Alabama Football: Christmas gifts for Crimson Tide players

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What are some top Christmas gifts for Alabama football players?

With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is looking for gifts to give their loved ones. With that sentiment, let’s look at some people that are loved around the state of Alabama: Alabama football players.

Colin Cowherd has created a gift list for NFL stars. Let’s take that same approach and give away some gifts for the top players on Alabama’s roster. We’ll start with coaches on Nick Saban’s staff.

Steve Sarkisian: A blank check

Sarkisian is the greatest offensive coordinator that Nick Saban has ever had. he does it all. From recruiting to developing the talent, you could not as more from an assistant. He also finds unique ways to give his best players the football with open space.

Sark’s value cannot be quantified, but Greg Byrne needs to do his best. With other colleges looking for head coaches, Sark will certainly be a top name on everyone’s list. We simply need to ask him what it will take to keep him in Tuscaloosa for at least another season.

Sarkisian is waiting for the perfect job. He won’t settle for a bad opportunity when he can remain as Alabama’s offensive coordinator. However, money talks. With the success that Sarkisian has brought, he will be worth every penny of his new extension.

Butch Jones: A scrapbook

Butch Jones has been a great assistant for Nick Saban. After an unsuccessful tenure with Tennessee, he has developed the skills necessary to be an attractive coaching candidate. Arkansas State pulled the trigger, and Jones is leaving Tuscaloosa.

The players loved Butch Jones. He had some amazing memories with the Crimson Tide, and he should be proud of how he has rebuilt himself. A scrapbook would show all of the memories over the past few years.