Alabama Football: 3 reasons why DeVonta Smith should win Heisman

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Reasons why Alabama football’s DeVonta Smith should win the Heisman

2. He stepped up when the team needed him most

DeVonta Smith showed a ton of leadership when Jaylen Waddle went down with an ankle injury. The Crimson Tide planned to have two talented receivers leading this passing game, but everything changed with Waddle’s injury. Since he went down, Smitty has found another level to his game.

Smitty has scored at least one touchdown in every game since Waddle’s injury. In Alabama’s first game after the injury, he had 11 catches for over 200 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Needless to say, Alabama’s success would be limited without DeVonta Smith. He has shown his versatility all season. He shined alongside Jaylen Waddle, but he also let Waddle shine on his own. Without Waddle, Smitty has simply taken over.

DeVonta Smith has even taken over on punt returns for Alabama football. It is a risk for stars to play on special teams, but Smitty has done what his team has needed all season. He even scored a touchdown against Arkansas on a punt return.

The story writes itself for DeVonta Smith. He has been great all season, but he played his best when his team turned to him.