Alabama Football: Predicting CFB postseason award winners

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Predicting which trophies Alabama football will win

Likely winners

Joe Moore Award: Alabama’s offensive line

Alabama is a finalist for the Joe Moore Award, but both Notre Dame and Texas A&M have solid offensive lines. They carry just as much experience and talent as Alabama’s, although I still give the Crimson Tide an advantage.

Maxwell Award: Either DeVonta Smith or Mac Jones

Alabama seems to have two of the three best players in college football. While they should be favored to win the Maxwell, Trevor Lawrence has earned goodwill over his college career. Some could consider this a consolation prize for him as he loses the Heisman Trophy. However, I still expect an Alabama football player to win this award.

Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award: Mac Jones

Consider Mac the frontrunner with the same contingencies as the Maxwell. Jones should be favored. After all, he replaced the greatest quarterback in Alabama history without missing a beat. However, selection committees are always going to have a variety of opinions. Lawrence deserves consideration, and he might just win this one outright.

Heisman Trophy: Either DeVonta Smith or Mac Jones

While they should seem to be a lock to land in the top two of voting, there is a lot that goes into who wins the Heisman. Each former winner has a vote, and there are voters from across the country. We could easily see votes split between DeVonta Smith and Mac Jones. If this happens, Trevor Lawrence could potentially slide in as the 2020 Heisman Trophy winner.

That being said, this would still be a shock. Smitty is the clear frontrunner, and Mac Jones is behind him in second place. Najee missing the group of finalists helps their odds, but we will have to wait and see.

Let’s now take a look at awards that the Crimson Tide might just lose.