Alabama Football: Looking back at our 2020 predictions

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Looking back at our Alabama football predictions

Due to an injury to Alabama’s star punt returner, these predictions struggled as well. However, they remain relatively solid given the circumstances.

Will Reichard will end the kicking curse

While this will take years to fully come true, Will Reichard has done his part this year. He has made every single kick in 2020, including multiple kicks from long range. Alabama football fans would have settled for drilling all extra points after last year’s struggles.

Reichard is also a finalist for the Lou Groza Award, which goes to the best kicker in college football. Most fans didn’t even know the name of this award before 2020. That alone shows the progress make on kicking.

Waddle will score two touchdowns on special teams

Jaylen Waddle could have done this if he hadn’t gotten hurt, but we will never know. Punters were trying their best to avoid kicking his way this year, and he proved why when he had a chance. While his numbers won’t approach what he did in 2019, he is still one of Alabama’s best returners ever.

DeVonta Smith filled in his shoes, and he scored one touchdown on special teams. It’s not the same, but Alabama is still getting production in the return game.

Punting woes will continue

This ended up being the case early in the year. Many expected Ty Perine to start, but the Tide went with Sam Johnson. Johnson had multiple shanks and could barely make it inside the 20. While Charlie Scott’s numbers haven’t been too much better, he definitely has more control with his kicks. He might not have a cannon for a leg, but he can at least flip the field when asked to.