Alabama Football: Looking back at our 2020 predictions

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Alabama Football
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Looking back at predictions for Alabama football

Bold predictions for each Tide opponent

Let’s wrap up with some predictions regarding the SEC as a whole While we made too many predictions to count, the easiest ones to chart include our record predictions and bold predictions for each Alabama opponent. These were a mixed bag, so let’s talk about one we got right and one we got wrong.

Lane Kiffin would be the best first-year coach in the SEC

This one is debatable, but I’ll admit that Lane Kiffin didn’t have the best season of all first-year coaches. He inherited a solid roster with a highly-recruited quarterback, but they still had a losing record. I would give more credit to both Missouri’s and Arkansas’s head coaches over Lane Kiffin given their situations.

Auburn would regret Gus Malzahn’s massive buyout

This one technically came true. After firing Gus Malzahn, the team is stuck with paying over $20 million to a coach for doing nothing. They also have to pay their new coach and his staff along with potential buyouts for the rest of their assistants.

While Auburn definitely regrets the size of the buyout, I did not expect them to pull the trigger. With the loss of revenue from no fans, I did not see them finding the money to fire him. Apparently, some donors really wanted him out of there.

Conservatively speaking, I’ll say that I went 4-6 on bold predictions for Alabama football opponents. I’ll take that.

By far, our worst set of predicting came when we tried to predict the record of every SEC team. We were too high on teams like LSU and Tennessee and too low on teams like Arkansas and Texas A&M.

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As a whole, I’ll take our numbers. If you want more predictions ahead of the College Football Playoff, check out the rest of our Alabama football coverage.