Alabama Football: 5 hot takes for CFP semifinal vs. Notre Dame

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Alabama Football
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5 hot takes for Alabama football vs. Notre Dame

3. Brian Robinson leads Alabama in rushing yards

This might trigger some Alabama fans as Najee Harris is one of the more popular players in the last several years. Still, Robinson is a very underrated back. He will do well regardless of if he chooses to come back next year or joins the NFL Draft in 2021. Either way, Robinson shows just why he has been the second running back behind Najee Harris and rushes for 120+ yards, while Harris gives Alabama a little over 100. I am aware this could also happen if Alabama gets to such a lead that they bring in backup players for “mop-up duty.” Either way, expect something to happen where Robinson has the edge.

4. Notre Dame blocks a punt in the 3rd quarter and brings them back

There always seems to be something that happens like this for teams that face Alabama football. Whether it’s on special teams, blown coverage on defense, or a turnover where the other team capitalizes. This time, it’s a blocked punt in favor of Notre Dame. Alabama will have a solid lead as the third quarter expires, but they will botch a snap and allow Notre Dame to block it and run it back for a touchdown to cut the lead. In doing this, the momentum will shift for the Fighting Irish.