Alabama Football: Mac Jones is the perfect QB for this team

[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Alabama Vs Texas A M
[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]Alabama Vs Texas A M /

Mac Jones is the perfect quarterback for Alabama football

Mac Jones is a Heisman finalist. He has broken records as Alabama’s quarterback. His story has been entertaining with every twist and turn, but one thing is clear. He is the perfect quarterback for this Alabama football team.

Alabama has an abundance of talent at every position. They have the best offensive line in football, the Heisman frontrunner at receiver and the Doak Walker frontrunner at running back. All of this is without mentioning John Metchie, Jahleel Billingsley and Miller Forristall.

This type of talent is ridiculous when you think about it. Still, you need a special type of quarterback to efficiently use all of these weapons. Anyone could succeed in this offense, but only a few quarterbacks could thrive. What makes Mac Jones perfect?

For starters, he is the most accurate quarterback in college football. When you have this many weapons, you just need to put them in a position to make a play. Jones does this for all of his guys.

He also distributes the ball evenly. Seven different players have at least 200 receiving yards this year. Six different players have caught a touchdown pass. The instinct when you have a player like DeVonta Smith is to just force the football to him. While Smitty certainly sees the majority of the targets, Mac still feeds the other weapons in the Alabama football offense.

These things can be said about most NFL-ready quarterbacks. The one thing that sets Mac Jones apart is his ability to make the right decision. This was Tua’s main struggle with the Crimson Tide. He would always force the football down the field as opposed to taking what the defense gives him.

Mac Jones will throw the ball to the back if he needs to. He will throw it out of bounds if no one is open. He rarely takes sacks. He lives to see another down, which is all you need with an offense like this.

An added bonus is that Alabama’s strengths help cover his weaknesses. Every player has weaknesses. Mac’s biggest weakness is his inability to run. He has negative rushing yards despite only having a few sacks this year. However, that doesn’t really matter with this offense. His offensive line gives him time to find a receiver, and there is almost always someone open. It might actually be worse if Mac had a tendency to tuck the ball and run. All Mac Jones has to do is manipulate the pocket to buy himself a little time. He does this extremely well, and it sets him apart from almost every other quarterback in Alabama football history.

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Mac Jones is in charge of a sportscar with this offense. Thankfully for the Alabama Crimson Tide, he’s the perfect man to drive it.