Alabama Football: Matchups and advantages for Crimson Tide vs. Ohio State

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Alabama Football
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Alabama Football: Let’s take a look at the matchups and advantages for each team in the National Championship

If you would have said that Alabama would be facing Ohio State instead of Clemson in the National Championship, you would have received a lot of funny looks. Justin Fields took off like a lightning rod against Clemson, and although he was playing hurt, he lit Clemson up and now faces Alabama Football for a chance to win it all. With that said, let’s take a look at position matchups and advantages for the teams.


Mac Jones versus Justin Fields–What a showdown! Justin Fields is a potential top 5 pick in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft, while Mac Jones had a Heisman worthy season, including picking up a handful of awards, including the Alabama Football currently undefeated record. As far as matchups go, this one is tough. Justin Fields is more productive with his legs, but I have to give the advantage for arm strength to Mac Jones.

Looking at stats, Fields has 21 touchdowns to 6 interceptions in only 5 games, while Mac Jones is crushing it with 36 touchdowns to only 4 interceptions in 12 total games. That’s a big advantage to Mac. The arm and legs of Justin Fields make him doubly difficult to defend. Cover his receivers and he can scramble from the pocket.

The Alabama football defense has come along well, especially with the front seven. An argument can be made the Crimson Tide will be able to hold Fields in the pocket and bring pressure. On another side though, one can say that mobile quarterbacks have always given the Crimson Tide fits. For Mac Jones, his pinpoint accuracy has been astounding this season, as well as his pocket awareness. Shaun Wade is one of the leaders for the Buckeyes defense and will look forward to trying to pick off Mac Jones. When all is said and done though, you cannot deny that Justin Fields is a better prospect than Mac Jones and that’s going to be shown Monday night.

Advantage: Ohio State