Alabama Football: Najee Harris could cement NFL team at Senior Bowl

Alabama football might see Najee Harris cement his NFL home

Najee Harris has decided to attend the Senior Bowl, and he might be playing for his future NFL team. After a great Alabama football career that placed him near the top of the RB rankings, he will be playing for Brian Flores and the Miami Dolphins coaching staff in Mobile.

This might give him a chance to prove to the Dolphins that he is worth drafting in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Dolphins need weapons for the offense, and they have four picks in the first two rounds of the draft. If they want Najee Harris, they have what it takes to draft him.

If the Dolphins draft Harris, he would be paired with his former quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in Miami. They were quite the tandem in college, and they would have instant chemistry on the field.

Harris has the potential to be the first running back drafted in 2021. He has agility on the outside, strength between the tackles, and the ability to be an all-purpose back. When you add his ability to pass protect and catch the ball, he is where the NFL is heading in terms of running back prospects.

The Senior Bowl will give Najee Harris a whole week to work with an NFL coaching staff and show his potential at the next level. He will line up against some of the best seniors in college football, and he will prove his abilities on and off of the field. If he plays well, he will move up Miami’s draft board and potentially cement his future home with the Dolphins.

Najee isn’t the only Alabama player to participate in this year’s Senior Bowl. Mac Jones will have plenty to prove as well.

Even if the Dolphins don’t take Harris in the 2021 NFL Draft, this week will let Harris work in front of scouts from all teams. His stock will likely rise as he works in Mobile. If not, it will at least give Alabama football fans a chance to see Najee in a Tide helmet.