2021 NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Miami Dolphins trade back again

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2021 NFL Mock Draft
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2021 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Greg Newsome, CB, Northwestern

I mean, what do you want the Bucs to add? They drafted incredibly well over the past few seasons. They return every single starter from the Super Bowl, and they are one of the only teams in recent memory to return every starter period.

The Bucs can just add whoever they think would be a good fit and bring some value. If they want a running back who only fits one need, they can take a risk. They could also add an extra receiver, but they would barely see the field. There are incremental improvements you can make on defense, but depth is more important than anything.

With that in mind, I have the Bucs taking Greg Newsome. I don’t love the value here, but I don’t see what else the Bucs could consider doing. They brought back the pass rush. Their secondary is shored up by young players. Devin White is one of the best young linebackers in the NFL.

In today’s NFL, you can never have too many corners. Nickel is a base package, and teams are more likely to add a defensive back to the coverage. Newsome adds depth to the Super Bowl champs, which is all you can ask for this late in the first round.

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As I’m writing this, I’m already thinking about the changes I want to make for my next 2021 NFL Mock Draft. Needless to say, late April can’t get here soon enough.