2021 NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Miami Dolphins trade back again

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2021 NFL Mock Draft
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2021 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

6. Denver Broncos (via Miami): Justin Fields

The is the only trade I have in this NFL mock draft. After trading up with the Eagles, the Dolphins move back down one more time.

This trade happened because of two reasons. One of the four top quarterbacks remains on the board, so Denver has a reason to trade up. Also, no receivers have been drafted. This would ensure that the Dolphins could still take one of the three best receivers in the class while adding draft capital.

Denver isn’t desperate to land a quarterback, but they currently have the worst quarterback in the division. They might be willing to give Drew Lock one more year to develop, but the ability to trade up for Justin Fields has to be considered.

Fields would add a mobile piece to Denver’s game, and she has the traits necessary to lead a team to the NFL Playoffs. Denver has solid weapons, so this would be a great landing spot for him.

So, what would it take to make this trade happen? Denver could probably make it happen with a few later picks in this draft. They might have to give up a first-round pick in the future, but I doubt the Broncos would be willing to do that. Another interesting option is Jerry Jeudy. This would pair two Alabama football stars once again in Miami. However, let’s assume this would be a simple swap of picks for the sake of this 2021 NFL mock draft.