Alabama Football: A Day Game should be for students only

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Student fans of Alabama football deserve to attend the A Day Game

The A Day Game is on the horizon, and many fans will be seeing Alabama football play for the first time since 2019. While limited seats were available during the Tide’s championship run in 2020, many were unable to attend due to ticket prices and the student opt-in process.

While this may upset some, UA students should be prioritized for the A Day Game.

Championships matter to all Alabama football fans, but they matter more to students. You become classmates with athletes as you see them on the field and in the classroom. Once you graduate, you will tell the stories of the football games you attended and the championships the Tide won during your college years. However, COVID-19 took those memories away from thousands of students.

Some seniors and fifth-year seniors missed out on a home Iron Bowl, the Georgia game and Senior Day during their final year of college. This will be the last Alabama football game of any kind before they graduate. They, like the rest of UA’s student body, deserve to get at least one game from the 2020-21 school year.

Alabama could have expanded the student section during the 2020 season, but money had an impact. Student tickets are significantly cheaper, and bringing in outside fans every weekend was good for Tuscaloosa businesses. For one game that is free to attend but will have limited capacity, it would have a limited financial impact to prioritize students.

Of course, the families of the Alabama football players should also be allowed to attend. However, there will be plenty of space for both students and families. If there is extra space beyond that, it can go to other fans. The point remains that no Alabama student should be turned away from attending this game.

Students will be able to opt-in for tickets on April 6. If there are more requests than available seats, UA will use credit hours to determine who gets to go.

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Everyone wants to go to the A Day Game. However, some people will have to stay at home. After everything that was taken from UA students this year, they deserve this one thing before the end of the spring semester.