Alabama Football: 5 bold predictions about the A Day Game

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Alabama Football
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5 bold predictions for Alabama football’s A Day Game

3. There will be plenty of turnovers

While Alabama football is usually safe with the ball, expect plenty of turnovers in this game. This is for many reasons. First and foremost, Alabama will be trying new things. This is about progress. In practice scenarios, it is logical to take more risks and see what works. While teams are obviously trying their best to win, it matters more that they get better than it does that they win.

Also, quarterbacks wear no-contact jerseys. This means that simply touching them counts as a sack or tackle. Because of this, quarterbacks can’t scramble away or break tackles to gain yards. This encourages quarterbacks to throw passes earlier than they normally would in games, and this can lead to turnovers.

Najee Harris is also no longer on the team. He only had one fumble during his entire Alabama football career, and it should not have counted in the first place. Without him carrying the ball, other running backs may be more likely to cough up the ball.

This doesn’t even reference the defense. With defenders like Will Anderson and Malachi Moore on the field, it is fair to expect a few turnovers to happen. Bryce Young can have a great day and still have one or two turnovers.