Alabama Football: Ideal NFL Draft scenarios for Tide players

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Ideal NFL Draft landing spots for Alabama football players

Jaylen Waddle: Miami Dolphins, 6th overall

Waddle has a great chance to be drafted ahead of his Alabama football counterpart DeVonta Smith. With the way the NFL is going, speed matters more than ever, and Waddle has the most speed in this draft.

Waddle is also a natural slot player, which is exactly what the Dolphins need. They have Will Fuller and Davante Parker on the outside, but they need someone who can add consistent speed down the field and dominate in the middle of the field.

This year will be used to evaluate Tua Tagovailoa. He needs protection and weapons to fully develop as a franchise quarterback. Waddle would be a key piece in getting him there.

Miami has more Alabama football players than almost any other NFL team, and they could add a few in this draft. While many would love to see DeVonta Smith paired with Tua Tagovailoa once again, the honest truth is that Jaylen Waddle is a better fit for what the Dolphins need. Don’t worry. Smitty won’t have to wait long to find his landing spot. While Waddle’s dream fit is 6th overall to the Dolphins, Smith will only have to wait a few picks in a dream scenario for Alabama football fans.