Alabama Football: Ideal NFL Draft scenarios for Tide players

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Ideal NFL Draft landing spots for Alabama football players

Patrick Surtain II: Dallas Cowboys, 10th overall

This is a dream scenario for so many reasons. This would likely make Surtain the first defensive player drafted in 2021, and most teams ahead of the Cowboys don’t desperately need a defensive back.

Patrick Surtain is already so polished that he is a boring prospect at this point. His floor is high, and he could be a quality NFL corner without improving. That being said, he still has room to develop as a prospect.

The Cowboys have a new defensive coordinator, and Surtain would be a great building block for the Dallas defense. They need to get younger at a lot of spots, but they desperately need another corner. Their offense is ready to rebound with a healthy Dak Prescott, but their defense needs someone like Surtain.

There is also value that comes with being a Dallas Cowboy. Surtain would have plenty of endorsement options thanks to his new home.

This would pair Surtain with his former Alabama football teammate Trevon Diggs. Diggs was drafted by the Cowboys in the second round last year, but they still need another young corner. Surtain would instantly add credibility to the Dallas secondary, and he would make millions in the process thanks to the draft order and fame of the Dallas Cowboys.