Alabama Football: Tide breaks record in final NFL Mock Draft

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Alabama football breaks record in NFL Mock Draft 5.0

11. New York Giants: Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State

Micah Parsons is a rare breed at linebacker. He can play on the edge. He can play at safety. While he isn’t as versatile as Isaiah Simmons was last year, he is somehow faster.

Parsons can chase down some of the fastest receivers in the NFL. His speed is ridiculous at his size.

The Giants need a lot of help to consistently succeed in the NFC East. They might want to trade back if a quarterback is available, or they could surprise us and actually take a quarterback.

The Giants usually tip their hand at who they want to take. Fans knew that Daniel Jones was going to be the guy before the draft, but they refused to believe it. They expected Saquon to be the pick without a trade back because the Giants don’t trade.

New York doesn’t desperately need a linebacker, but they love to add talent at that position. I could see their front office falling so in love with Micah Parsons that they draw hearts in their notes with a little “MP” in the middle.

Parsons is a great player, and he would be successful in New York. Since they have a lot of issues on defense, it would make sense for them to add someone who can do a lot of things well.