Alabama Football: 5 bold predictions for 2021 NFL Draft

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Bold Alabama football predictions for 2021 NFL Draft

4. Najee Harris will be drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers

Najee is a great running back, and he will make an NFL team very happy. Some believe that running backs should never go in the first round, but Harris is the exception to the rule. To be worth it, you have to do everything well. Harris can catch the ball out of the backfield and protect the quarterback as a blocker. He thrives in-between the tackles, but he can make a play once he reaches the open field.

The Steelers need a lot of help, but running back is a top need after losing James Conner. They were already bad last year, but losing their starter makes it a pressing need. They won’t have a running back who is worth starting next year fall to them in the second round, so they will almost have to draft one early.

If Harris doesn’t go to Pittsburgh, it will likely be because someone took him before they picked. The Miami Dolphins make a ton of sense, but they have other top needs as well.

If Harris goes to Pittsburgh, he will have a solid career. He can bring credibility back to their running game and help them win games as a rookie. By the time his rookie deal is done, he will be one of the best running backs in the NFL.